Scent Fairies: Hide and Find.

Palmarina’s ready to deliver the first vial of her new scent of Palmerosa and Tangerine to Queen Lauralina but mischievous Sugar Plum Fairy wants to play Hide and Find with it. Palmerina better find it soon or she’ll be late.


Robby the rolling robot

Robby the Rolling Robot is Lina’s science project that she brought to
school. Read on to find out what issues this kind robot with artificial ntelligence had in her school.


Penny boy

Penny Boy loves pennies. Even at naptime when he grabs a handful then runs and hides. He thinks it’s fun.



Nate is trying to imagine his Loomp character but each one shares a common trait. Read on to find out what that trait is.



Everyone’s back from summer vacation but Ellie is sad. Read on to find out why.